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14 October 2017 /Webmaster

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Vägvisare vid Storvätteshågna, Grövelsjön

Welcome to our website where you get current and local information on mountain safety.

The local mountain safety committees helps, within their own area, The  Mountain Safety Council of Sweden to inspire, inform and coordinate work on mountain safety. 


The committees includes representatives of, Municipality, Police, Customs, Mountain rescue and other organizations.


Norra Dalarnas fjällkommitté works mainly in Älvdalen Municipality, preferably in Särna, Idre and Grövelsjön and that includes the mountain areas Fulufjället, Drevfjället, Vedungsfjället, Städjan/Nipfjället and Långfjället.


Large parts of northern Dalarna äre nature reserves or national parks.


Dalarna County Administrative Board's website has good information on protected nature and the rules that apply. Link here: Länsstyrelsen Dalarna>>


For those who drive off-road vehicles is more information available here: "off road and snowmobile traffic".

Check the weather forecast before you head out!!


You'll find links to a selection of forecasts on our weather page>>




Suggestions and comments are welcomed!









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