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Vandring, utrustningstips m.m.
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Skoter & skidor, utrustningstips m.m.
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Bl.a. länkar till lokala prognoser.
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Vilka kartblad är aktuella m.m.
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Övriga kommittéer, myndigheter, turistinfo m.fl.
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Fjällkartan give you timely and reliable scale information such as trails, bridges, huts and emergency telephones


Up to date maps


W1 Grövelsjön-Lofsdalen 1:100 000 Ed 2013
W2 Fulufjället-Sälen 1:100 000 Ed 2013


Lantmäteriets fjällkarta, 1:50 000


W51 Grövelsjön (Ed 2013)

W52 Idre (Ed 2013)

W53 Fulufjället (Ed 2013)

Z 59 Rogen (Ed 2014)

Z60 Lofsdalen (Ed 2013)


The maps can be bought at, for example, mountain resorts, sports shops and tourist offices in the area. If you want to prepare yourself, you can buy maps through Lantmäteriets Kartbutik and well-stocked bookstores.

Map printing

Map Printing provides the ability to select an area of ​​the map, create atlas and open or save it in PDF format for printing in 1:50 scale 000th

More information

The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden








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